FBI, DoJ agree with Director of National Intelligence - Biden laptop not part of a Russian plot, emails appear to be authentic
US Attorney General's statement on anti-trust lawsuit against Google, 'the monopoly gatekeeper of the internet'

Kevin Rudd buys into the Biden laptop story - he thinks it's a Murdoch/Ukrainian/Russian conspiracy


That was Rudd on ABC Radio National's drive time program yesterday.

Here are a few documents that might help him out.

Here's the service ticket/quote made out to Hunter Biden and apparently signed by him when he dropped the laptop off.

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 12.05.25 pm

Fox News has also published the Grand Jury Subpoena issued to the Mac shop owner, requiring him to turn over the laptop and hard drive.

And here's a copy of a recent email from Hunter Biden's lawyers to John Paul Mac Isaac, the computer shop proprietor.

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 11.54.39 am


The FBI, DoJ and Director of National Intelligence all say the emails found on the Biden hard drive are authentic.

The NY Post's reporting - that Biden himself dropped off the laptop, that he didn't return to pick it up, that the laptop and hard-drive were handed to the FBI while a copy of the drive remained on The Mac Shop's server - all of that is accurate.

Rudd just can't help himself.