President Trump plays this devastating video at his rallies - Biden & China on the record
Streets lined with supporters, banners & placards as Biden motorcade drives into town

Man aggressively brandishing a knife charges at police and gets shot.

At the Victoria Police Academy in 1986 we were privileged to be trained by some of the best in the business.

Prominent among our instructors was Sergeant Mick Gittus - an old-school Scottish peace-maker.

Mick genuinely cared about his young charges.

"Listen Jimmy, you and your mate want to go home when you knock off.  This job isn't a fookin' movie.  If he comes at ye with his fists you use your baton.  If he comes at ye with a knife ye fookin' shoot him.  It's bullshit to think you can knock it out of his hand before he sticks it in you".

This video might be disturbing for some people.  So are the riots in Philadelphia.