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OTD 1953 - then Lieutenant Arthur 'Bushy' Pembroke, Battle of Maryang San - the action that saw him awarded the Military Cross

With thanks to the Australian Military History group.

On the 6th of October 1953, then Lieutenant Arthur ‘Bushy’ Pembroke led a platoon in one of the most famous battles of the Korean War during the Battle of Maryang San. At the time, Bushy was 9 platoon’s commander with C Company, 3RAR.

On the 6th of October 1953, Bushy’s platoon was responsible for capturing the high point codenamed Sierra, a woody knoll halfway between the summit of Hill 317 and another area called The Hinge. His platoon then held it for 48 hours against multiple vicious counter attacks and heavy artillery bombardments by the attacking Chinese forces.

For his leadership of the platoon and personal bravery during the battle, Bushy was awarded the Military Cross. He would rise through to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel before retiring from active service in 1978.


Lieutenant Harriet Pembroke with her grandfather, Lieutenant Colonel Arthur "Bushy" Pembroke, MC (retired) and Queen Elizabeth II, 2011, taken when Harriet was a Staff Cadet at Duntroon.