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Self-promoting Alan Tudge present bogus 'Australian Values' that his own government doesn't adhere to

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From today, new applicants for most visas will be required to sign or accept an updated Australian Values Statement, with a greater focus on values like freedom, respect, equality and the rule of law.​

​The declaration that Australian citizenship applicants sign as part of their application has also been updated to mirror the wording of the Australian Values Statement.

Our shared values unite us as Australians and underpin the freedom and prosperity that makes our nation so attractive for the millions of migrants who choose to visit, work and settle here.

The updated statement better reflects the importance we place on these values and is the first substantial change to the Australian Values Statement since it was introduced in 2007.

There will now be one statement for both temporary and permanent visa applicants that confirms they understand and will conduct themselves in line with our values and our laws.

Those who want to settle in Australia permanently will also commit to make reasonable efforts to learn English, so they can fully participate in the community and have the best possible chance to get a job. There is no new test or threshold associated with this change.

The changes are part of the Morrison Government’s $62.8 million investment in protecting our social cohesion, which builds on the $71 million social cohesion package announced in March 2019.

As previously announced, a new Australian Citizenship Test​ with a stronger focus on Australian values will also come into effect on 15 November.

The Life in Australia booklet provides visa applicants with supporting information on the values ​in the updated Australian Values Statement.

For more information visit ​​​


Rule of law huh?


Then why this?

Next steps in escalating the Senator Cash quote "As a former PM, Gillard won't be charged"

It's now 5 weeks since we first asked Senator Michaelia Cash to explain this statement:

"Julia Gillard is a former prime minister and because of that she won't be charged".

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On 2 May we ran a story on corruption involving the parent company of Thiess Contractors which paid over $400,000 into the Gillard/Wilson 1990s slush fund.  At the time Ralph Blewitt was the only person facing charges over the crimes and we brought you the news:

On 25 May 2018 Ralph Blewitt will make his first appearance in the Perth District Court........  (In his trial he will) call Bruce WILSON, Julia GILLARD, Bernard MURPHY, Nick JUKES, Joe TRIO and others to the witness box -  along with documents created or authorised by them.

We also wrote about my private prosecution alleging GILLARD knowingly gave false evidence to the Trade Union Royal Commission.

In that context it was worrying to hear that Minister for Jobs Senator Cash was reported to have said that Gillard wouldn't face charges because she's a former PM.

I wrote at the time:

If that is so it makes for a marked departure from our traditions of equal justice before the law.

I will today ask Minister Cash to confirm whether or not that's the government's position.

Many of our readers wrote to the Senator and asked her to confirm the quote.

On 16 May 2018 we published a follow up Senator Michaelia Cash and protecting Ms GILLARD

By this stage dozens of readers were writing to Senator Cash.

It's now 5 weeks down the track and Senator Cash hasn't answered a single query from our readers.