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Serial failure NSW Minister Don Harwin throws away a big bucket of cash for lefties to do podcasts.


$30 GRAND each for............

NSW Arts Minister Don Harwin screws everything up that he touches. 
He’s the jolly fellow caught out in the company of a much younger man flouting the COVID rules that he’d been involved in making everyone else follow. 
While hundreds of others paid the fine for breaking the law, Don managed to get away with it. 
Much like the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, he’s never had a real job doing anything that anyone has ever wanted - and is a left faction stooge. 
Somehow, Don is THE most protected species in NSW - immune from accountability for every stuff up. 
For example ; Yesterday, the government agreed to demolish and rebuild a heritage house that Don had, ironically, decided to build a museum over the top of. 
A quick $10m dollars plucked from nowhere. 
Today, Don The Dunce is splashing more cash, buying favour with the literary left who will never vote for the Liberals - $250,000 on podcasts. 
If he did a quick google, he’d find out that most people do them with a home computer for free. 
If you’d like to exploit this racket - read the details below. 
You can only imagine which worthy causes will get the cash. 
Don Harwin med rel NSW Government Partners With Audible To Deliver New $240K Podcast Program