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The secret revealed - why 2GB, 4BC are going soft left



(Ben Fordham's production team - not really Stephanie's cup of tea)

2GB and 4BC’s owners Channel 9 have given the game away as to why they are abandoning their conservative audience and taking their stations into the “middle of the road”.

In a radio industry website, 2GB’s CEO claims that times have changed.  

He wants talk radio to be for progressive minded listeners as well.

It’s all about being more “open-minded”.

“The profile of listeners to talk radio is mixed, with progressive listeners now accounting for 24 per cent of respondents,” claims Tom Malone.

“Some 33 per cent of all respondents highlighted a desire to be challenged by the content they are served,” – that’s code for watering it down.

“The research also identified a shift in listener demography, highlighting a younger, increasingly affluent audience, with growth in key ethnic groups.” – more code … making it lighter and brighter.

Truth is, in terms of its conservative roots - 2GB/4BC has never been weaker:

Ben Fordham –  “middle of the road”. Everyone’s mate.

Deborah Knight – inner suburban, wishy washy, cheerio radio.

Jim Wilson –  Doesn’t want anyone to know which way he thinks.

John Stanley – inner west lefty, Labor supporter.

Neil Breen - former newspaper editor who famously published fake Pauline Hanson nude shots on the front page and editorialised in favour of Kevin07. 

Ironically, for conservatives - Ray Hadley may be the last man standing.

2GB has just announced that The Two Murrays are returning. “Where’s your favourite fish and chips” style radio.

Mediocre, beige, inoffensive, and certainly not conservative.