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Humiliation for CDF General Campbell AO (DSC-for now) - rolled by the Prime Minister

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Scott Morrison has publicly rolled Defence chief Angus Campbell over his decision to revoke meritorious service awards for Afghanistan veterans, declaring the actions of a small number of alleged war criminals “do not reflect on the many thousands of others” who served.

When he released the Brereton war crimes report, General Campbell said he would write to the GG asking him to strip the citations from 3000 special forces veterans to reflect their “collective responsibility” for 39 alleged murders by up to 25 soldiers.

But, amid a public backlash over the edict, the Prime Minister declared on Monday that “no decisions have been made on that”.

“And where decisions were to be made on that, that would only be following a further process and that is where that matter rests right now,” he said.

Mr Morrison noted Defence’s response to the Brereton report was being supervised by a new oversight panel, and suggested he would have the final say on the matter.

“As always governors-general take advice of their prime ministers,” he said.