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ADF spouse Kay Danes and her husband, SOTG RSM Kerry Danes on the CDF's proposal to strip Meritorious Unit Citation from SOTG

The current proposed action to strip all 3000+ Special Operation Task Group (SOTG) members of the Meritorious Unit Citation (MUC) will become one of this nation’s most significant examples of a failure in leadership should the Governor General give his support to the Chief of Defence Force’s request.
The collective group are being slandered for the alleged offences of a mere few, those who have yet to have their day in court.
The Australian PM and others in senior leadership roles cannot wrongly condemn good people who served honourably, or propose to punish them when they have absolutely nothing to do with the recently released inquiry report.
Those SOTG members sacrificed so much, as did their loved ones who waited for their return. Many came home traumatised, physically and mentally harmed, some didn’t come home at all, and many others have suicided since or self harmed.
They served with honour and with integrity and we must not forget that, or allow those sacrifices they made to be denigrated.
This is extremely distressing for us as a Defence family. My husband and I are providing advocacy and support to serving members and Veterans impacted by this report.
We urge all our friends to write to the Governor General, or send a message to your Federal MP and demand they do not remove the MUC from the SOTG.
The Meritorious Unit Citation is a “collective group decoration” awarded to members of Australian military “units.” It is not an individual award, and so the alleged actions of a few individuals cannot be, in any way, representative of the majority collective.
SOTG members bravely served and did not violate any Rules of Engagement and it is their right to have their lawful service respected and to continue to be reflected in our Nation’s history and honourably recorded.
Kerry Danes, CSM
Former RSM SOTG 2006, 2008.
Dr Kay Danes, OAM
ADF Spouse
Governor General contact here. It is a direct contact form so you can be assured he will read your message.