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'This isn't about one person' - Kevin Rudd then fires back at former News Limited mates, proving it really is all about him.

Climate change bulltish alert. Watch closely the official monitor at Badgerys Creek in Sydney.

Watch closely the official monitoring at Badgerys Creek in Sydney.

Temperature jumps 10 degrees in 20 minutes then suddenly drops.

Watch the idiots in the media swallow it up.

Or could it be, the BOM’s gear is playing up?

47+ degrees official in sydney would be among the highest Sydney temperature ever officially recorded.

It’s not that hot today.

Look how quickly it scales up in 20 mins.
It’s bullshit.

But it’s also “climate change” when it needs to be.

The BOM loves the extremes. Suits a narrative.

Let’s count the idiots - and thank our stats savant, reader JM.