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Dominion Voting Systems patent for 'Voting Techniques Using Virtual or Augmented Reality"

Hands up all those who want democracy and voting using 'virtual or augmented reality'.

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A network hub 115 may provide a network connection to each virtual reality device 105. In the example of FIG. 1 the network connection is a wireless connection (e.g., a Wi-Fi connection, a Bluetooth™ connection, or other radio frequency connection), although in some cases wired connections (e.g., an Ethernet connection) may be provided. In some cases, a wired connection is provided for security purposes to load a virtual reality device 105 with a ballot to be voted by the voter, but which may be disconnected after a voter is authorized for voting and then reconnected once the voter completes voting to download a cast vote record, a voter-verified digital audit trail, a voting stream, or any combination thereof. In some cases, a ballot or paper audit trail may be printed such as using a printer 130.

The ballot may be presented via the virtual or augmented reality device such that the voter may see a virtual ballot, and mark selections on the ballot using gestures. Such a ballot provides enhanced privacy and is observable only by the voter, and any onlookers that may observe gestures made by the voter would be unable to identify a vote that corresponds to the observed gestures. The ballot may presented across the full field of view and can be extensible to be as long as needed to satisfy any full face requirements of a jurisdiction. Furthermore, such virtually generated ballots may dynamically present different languages, size of fonts, colors, or combinations thereof.

In some cases, ballots may provide access to rich information such as pictures, videos, animations, and links to other resources (e.g., candidate profiles, informational resources on candidates or issues, endorsements of one or more organizations, full text information for ballot initiatives or referenda being voted, etc.).

In some cases, the virtual or augmented reality device may record all or part of a voting session as a sequential voting stream and store the voting stream in memory for use as an audit trail. Such voting streams may provide eye movement, gaze targets, gaze durations, or combinations thereof, that may be used to analyze voter behavior when voting a ballot. In some cases, voting streams may be aggregated and provided for auditing of the election, analytics related to voting patterns, analytics related to voting sequences of voters, or any combination thereof. In some cases, the virtual or augmented reality device may be configured to provide a voter verified audit trail, such as a voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT) (e.g., via a printer that is accessed by the device) or voter-verified digital audit trail (VVDAT) (e.g., a digital signature generated from a voter confirmation of a list of selected votes).

In some aspects of the disclosure, virtual or augmented reality device may receive voter selections for one or more items on the ballot (e.g., via gesture monitoring or other input such as a keyboard, sip/puff input, eye gaze input, or audible command), and provide the received voter selections to a voting server. A tabulation server coupled with the voting server may receive the voter selections from the voting server and tabulate the received voter selections. In some cases, the virtual or augmented reality device may display a list of voter selections for the one or more items on the ballot after receiving the voter selections for the one or more items, and receive a voter verification of the list of voter selections, which may then be stored as a digital audit trail or printed as a paper audit trail. In some cases, the ballot presented to the voter includes one or more candidates that may be selected by the voter and a link that is selectable by the voter to request additional information for one or more of the candidates, and the additional information may be presented to the voter responsive to a selection of the link.



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