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Australia "disappointed" that China's gone to trade-war against us.

Juvenile left-wing Liberal Minister Matt Kean becomes the darling of crazy green activists.


Some people are as they look.

When it comes to Matt Kean, the ultra-green NSW Energy Minister – he is immature, inexperienced, and accordingly searching for a reason.

He’s found it - legislating some of the most ultra-left wing environment and energy policies of any State in the country.

Now he’s the sweetheart of the nutters - here's their media pack.

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Leading Australians including Phoebe Tonkin, Alex Dyson, Turia Pitt, Peking Duk, David Pocock, Daisy Jeffery, Jack River are meeting with government ministers to help save us from this climate emergency.

The story:

  • On the 3rd of December, Australia’s most diverse climate driven conversation with celebrities, scientists, industry experts and political leaders will tackle all of these questions at New Energy - a live forum taking place at the Seymour Centre, live-streaming across the nation. 
  • In a bid to break the ice on climate change, ARIA-nominated musician and climate advocate Holly Rankin (Jack River) has curated a line up to show how Australian’s can take immediate action to tackle climate change. 

Why now:

  • With the NSW government passing a landmark bipartisan energy bill this week seeing the state support the private sector to build $32 billion of renewable energy infrastructure by 2030, New Energy is the opportunity for young Australians to tune into a conversation about climate, energy and action.    

Visual opportunities include:

  • Interviews with Jack River - about New Energy and the line-up the features leading Australians
  • Interview opportunities with Daisy Jeffery, Alex Dyson and Kirstin Hunter 
  • Media access >> capture footage live from the Seymour Centre in Sydney (3 December 2020)

Who will be there:

The full line up includes: 

  • The Hon Matt Kean MP, NSW Minister for Energy and the Environment
  • The Hon Adam Searle MLC, Shadow Minister for Energy and the Environment
  • Alex Dyson, comedian, podcaster and former Triple J breakfast radio presenter
  • Avani Dias, Triple J Hack
  • Lewis Hobba, Triple J Drive
  • Kirstin Hunter, Future Super CEO 
  • Daisy Jeffery, student, activist, author and school climate strike organiser 
  • Sam Koslowski, The Daily Aus co-founder
  • Heidi Lenffer, musician (Cloud Control) and Future Energy Artists founder
  • Richie Merzian - Australia Institute Climate & Energy Programs Director
  • Jess Miller, City of Sydney Independent Councillor 
  • Turia Pitt, bestselling author, athlete and mindset coach
  • David Pocock, retired Australian rugby union player
  • Jack River, musician, festival curator and climate activist
  • Penny Sackett, former Chief Scientist of Australia
  • Reuben Styles, musician (Peking Duk)
  • Amelia Telford, Managing Director of Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network
  • Phoebe Tonkin, Australian actress
  • Sophia Hamblin Wang, carbon utilisation technologist and Chief Operating Officer of Mineral Carbonation International (MCi)
  • Sarah Wilson, former journalist and TV presenter, author and activist

The full press release follows.

The Hon Matt Kean MP, Jack River, Alex Dyson, David Pocock, Sarah Wilson, Jess Miller and Daisy Jeffrey + more  leading Australians call on thenation’s youth to tune in to New Energy 

Politicians, Australian musicians, climate experts and industry leaders band together to fight climate change, urging young Australians to join them.

Sydney, Australia 27 November 2020 - On the 3rd of December, celebrities, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, economists, school climate strikers and political leaders will gather for Australia’s most inclusive climate conversation ever.

New Energy is a live forum that will take place at the Seymour Centre and will be live-streamed across the nation for Australians to tune in and break the ice on climate change. The event aims to cut through the confusion that often surrounds climate issues and empower young people to take simple and powerful actions already available.

In a celebrity-led Q&A across two panel discussions, experts will be asked: what does Net Zero by 2050 even mean? Are fossil fuels essential to Australia’s jobs and economic prosperity? And what  can we actually do today to tackle climate change?

New Energy has been curated by ARIA-nominated musician and climate advocate Holly Rankin (Jack River). 

“Everyone’s talking about climate change and net zero by 2050, but the majority of us have no idea what it even means. There’s so much spin and confusion, we’re feeling overwhelmed and stuck in the mud. I wanted to bring people with a big platform together with experts in climate and energy to give us straight answers to our burning questions,” says Rankin.

It is hoped that New Energy will help usher in a new era of bipartisanship on climate matters in Australian.

Leading Australians who are taking part in New Energy on December 3 have a combined social media following of +8 million, including: Hon Matt Kean MP (Minister for Energy & Environment), Hon Adam Searle MLC (Shadow Minister for Climate Change), David Pocock, Phoebe Tonkin, Turia Pitt, Alex Dyson, Sarah Wilson, Reuben Styles (Peking Duk) and many more. 

Future Super CEO, Kirstin Hunter said, ‘’There’s some really simple, powerful ways every Aussie can tackle climate change. We can choose a fossil-free bank and renewable power retailer. We can be active citizens and reach out to our local, state and federal politicians. And we can change where we invest our super - there’s enough money in Australian superannuation to fund our transition to 100% renewables ten times over.’’

Even though COVID-19 has dominated so much of this year, the smoke and bushfires that opened 2020 are still etched in our memories. That’s why the world movement to reach net zero by 2050 is so important.

With the NSW government passing a landmark bipartisan energy bill this week seeing the state support the private sector to build $32 billion of renewable energy infrastructure by 2030,  New Energy is the perfect opportunity for young Australians to tune into a conversation about climate, energy and action.