Gentleman John Howard copped this from News Ltd - compare his letter in reply to Rudd's madness

Kevin Rudd and his mates (with memories and texts and emails) at News Corp

Former Daily Telegraph editor David Penberthy begins the process of revealing Rudd.

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Here's an extract

When he became PM, Rudd ­organised several nights at Kirribilli House for what he liked to call “The Tele Boys”, which meant myself, Luke McIlveen, Joe Hildebrand, Simon Benson, and when he was up in Sydney from Can­berra, our national political editor Malcolm Farr. A couple of these nights finished around 3am, and they always involved a strange tradition invented by Rudd where he would challenge us to a running race up the hill at the harbourside property.

None of this is meant to sound like big-noting. You could sit a shop mannequin in an editor’s chair and the most ingratiating politicians would still be lining up to kiss it on the backside. I just happened to be the mannequin.

...our newspaper played a pivotal role in covering the transition from John Howard to Rudd. And reflecting on our coverage, especially in 2007, the year of Howard’s defeat, you could ask whether the former member for Bennelong might be the one asking for a royal commission into the conduct of News Corp, publisher of The Australian, given the thoroughness with which we ­documented his demise, convinced as we increasingly were of its ­inevitability.

And while Rudd now claims to be smited, the truth is that Rudd enjoyed one of the greatest armchair rides Australian politics has ever seen. I know. I was holding one of the armchairs.

I said that Rudd sought me out as editor. That is an understatement. Rudd was incessant in his desire to engage with and use the media to realise his desire for power. He was particularly desperate to win favour with The Daily Telegraph as the paper that had both coined the term and represented the Howard battlers, the vast swath of aspirational voters in suburban marginal seats across Sydney who make and break governments.

Mr Rudd’s media strategy ­occurred over three phases: his calculated white-anting of his predecessor as Labor leader, Kim Beazley; his seeing off of Howard; and his protracted campaign of vengeance against Julia Gillard as payback for the 2010 coup, when he would habitually refer to Australia’s first female prime minister as “that f..king bitch” in obscenity-filled backgrounding calls to ­journalists and editors tearing her down.

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It's a big, comprehensive and fascinating account.  Well worth the price of the paper today!