While we moan about toilet-paper, our mates in PNG suffer real stuff like this 11 year old girl - unimaginable suffering.
How easy is voter fraud in the US? 8 of the 9/11 Islamist terrorists were registered to vote.

Statement from Kerry Stokes AC, Chairman of Seven West Media Ltd on Ben Roberts-Smith VC MG


As I said at last week’s AGM, Ben Roberts-Smith VC is a very valuable employee of Seven West Media, has achieved great results in Queensland for us and enjoys our full support.

The funding of his legal action is a private matter, however he has put his medals up as collateral on a loan and will relinquish them if required. 

If this eventuates, I will donate his medals with Ben’s approval to the Australian War Memorial, as I have done so with other VC’s and medals in the past.


Background for our readers: 

Mr Stokes has been supportive of Ben and all other current and ex-SAS troops, as well as their families, dating back to the creation of the SAS Resources Fund in 1996 following the Blackhawk disaster. 

He is a member of the Trust that administers funds to them.