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Their ABC’s latest ‘values’ chart for journalists. No mention of balance.

The ABC no longer sees itself as 'the public broadcaster'.

It's now 'Australia's leading public media organisation'.

And its targets include growing its Youtube presence while its broadcast operations decline.

It made historical sense for taxpayers to fund a national broadcaster to fill in the gaps not met by commercial operators.

The financial barriers to entry for television and radio broadcasters are huge.

But Youtube and online websites?

Anyone with a phone can record a video and publish it online.

Why are we publicly funding a 'media organisation' to create online content?

There's no scarcity online - everyone's a publisher with Facebook, Youtube, Twitter et al.

And ABC News still doesn't understand its own disconnection from around 50% of Australians -  conservatives.

This document says the ABC needs to produce 'more stories relevant to Australians in outer metropolitan areas'.

That misses the point.

The dichotomy isn't between inner-city and outer-metro people.

It's between the Green Left and Conservatives.

And the ABC is almost exclusively a bastion of the Green Left.

The ABC needs to balance the voices we hear to include conservative opinions.

If the ABC heads down the path described here, they should do it without taxpayer funding.