600K votes, 3K for Trump (crowd at hearing breaks into laughter)
Senator Doug Mastriano who led Pennsylvania's election hearing suspended by Twitter

Why nothing from their ABC on the Pennsylvania hearing?

Reader GT writes:

Either the ABC search engine is a piece of garbage, or, it is set to respond in only a certain way.

(From MPS - or they're not interested in covering the whole story!!!!!)

Try this search today:


Just note the results you get.

Not only that, look at the DATES on the items being put at the top of their returned search list.

By the way, in case their ABC does not know, there has been an election in the USA for the position of president recently.

One of the key states in dispute is… Pennsylvania.

Does not get a mention in the search.

They get what, $1 billion a year, and they are so incompetent they have nothing to report on the breaking news of the hearings in Pennsylvania today?

Or more to the point, do they take the $1.6B and use it, to Not report on things they want to suppress.




Here's just a sample of coverage available to the ABC


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