President Trump "This may be the most important speech I've ever made"
Cash ban bill is gone - thanks Senator Malcolm Roberts


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With a bit more practice they will be as good as our billions dollar Australian broadcasting communist, ABC.


As economically painful and difficult as it may be, we need to give these bastards the flick. Find other markets and totally ignore China. It will take some time and hurt our bottom line, but China should be black balled by any Western Nation with a working moral compass.


If China wants to diffuse the situation (which I doubt) then they need to stop this crap! Otherwise we should flood their social media with Tinanamen Square imagery, Uygurs being "re-educated" and Hong Kong protesters being beaten and "disappeared".

Coochin Kid

China should remember.When you point a finger at someone you have three pointing back at yourself.

David Bates

You can't flood their social media because most is banned and their local versions are controlled by the government. Morrison was banned yesterday. But as Glenn said we need to find other markets regardless of how painful and difficult it may be. We have some damned good cartoonists in this Country and we need them to get to work!


Time for some Meme-warfare . . .


What is alarming is that only New Zealand and the US have come out in support of us. What about other "allies" throughout the world and the weak kneed UN? Too frightened of China?


"Too frightened of China?"

There wouldn't be to many western nations who are NOT balls deep in debt to the CCP


Let us see if the U.S. gives the same support if the Demoncrats obtain power.

Up The Workers!

"China is still at it."???

China is ALWAYS at it - that is why their estimated 2020 population figure is 1,439,323,776 - not including Deadly Dan, Chinless-Bob Carr, Paul Keating, Anal the Brothel-Hopper and the whole membership of the Association of Leftard Paedos.

Michelle Two

Must be some shit going down underground in the NWO bunkers..
China the Narcissistic control freak Uncle that is invited to the party but everyone wants to avoid him as he is toxic and makes you feel like you have to walk on eggshells..
While he stirs up your fears and no one is game to put him in his place because of knowing you will be the next target but he does most the work in manipulating behind the scenes by pitting you against each other..

There must be something linked back to the war in Afghanistan that is being used against those in power as this is the current propaganda war going on..
China has the dirt on the bureaucrats and that is what they use to control with, marxist and media war ..
History should teach one that nothing is what they tell us, but how they want to control us in full knowledge the darkforce has control of all UN and International courts and has the leaders in many nations by the balls if they do not follow orders..
So with the darkforce having lost control, out they come to bring you down with fear to control the narrative, in reality no one takes them seriously and the only one to call their bluff has been Trump and lightforces..
China needs us more then we need it, we are not dependent on them, they are dependent on us and being able to control the halls of power to pay its way .. love and light xx


Just another puppet regime.


Challenge is- Income from LNG (Offshore), & Iron ore.
We have an ingrained acceptance that Oz is a quarry.
No more kowtowing.


concentration camps in China where occupants make items for multinationals corporations good. Off shore detention centers to hold illegal entrants bad.

Our use of coal bad but Chinas good as they produce products for multinationals who are just trying to make a buck or two.


Meanwhile for lesser mortals on Twit you can get banned for using the word 'retard'.

Oddly, as discovered by one now ex user who had decided that if he was going to get banned from the platform he might as well destruction test the system, you do not get auto banned for using the word that starts with C and rhymes with 'please don't use that word'.

Yup. Destruction tested Twit. Deliberately called a friend a (NSFW) to see what Twit would do - Nothing. Followed up by calling the same friend a retard and straight onto a 7 day ban.

Claim the US election has yet to be formally decided and get a Fact Check telling you that your opinion is false. Yeah, Twit is all over not questioning voter fraud.

Yet be China? Yeah that is fine.

Twit is part of the problem. Morrison should ban it.

Jeff of FNQ

France joined the USA and NZ.

France's foreign affairs spokesman said on Tuesday the tweeted image was "especially shocking" and the comments by Zhao "insulting for all countries whose armed forces are currently engaged in Afghanistan".


Didn't Russians producing a few memes on Facebook bring about the election of Trump?


If I could make memes I'd have a Chinese surgeon holding a kidney up and the words "former enemy-of-the-People".


Seriously, it's time to prepare for war.

Bob Egan

Yeah, find other markets. It can't be that hard.What?? If it was possible to find other markets it would have been done years ago. It is not only hard but impossible. There has not been, and will never be, another country like the country Deng Xiaoping opened to the world late last century. Treasure the opportunity China presents because there won't be another like it in your lifetime, if ever.

Jacques de Morton

I always rely on your light. These panheads need to have our exports cut off and their fake residents and students returned at their own cost or via a Herc at 10,000 feet over some crap reef in the South China Sea.

VC soon learned not to go near Aussies. Time these pricks learned the lesson, too.

Ned of Kellyville

More smoke screen from a country deeply scared of being held to account for having released and disseminated the SARS-Cov-2 virus and starting the Covid 19 Pandemic. There are lots of people out there that owe them money, or whose assets they own, who might just contra-account them against the billions in compensation that China would find itself owing the world community.

Fascinated Observer

Perhaps some of the mining companies who export would suggest an “Indigenous Export Donation” per ton on everything they mine which ends up in China regardless of creative shipping documents for tax benifits.

If the end consumer does not wish to pay the resources can always stay in the ground until more ethical customers are found.

Don’t think those who preach from on high would have the gonads or integrity to go along though as in their world greed is good as long as they get rich.


Don't poke the bear China..........


Don't think you have seen the slow sellout by successive governments over the past decades..........China can bankrupt us, it doesn't have to send one soldier to our shores to take us over.........all because we have put all our eggs into one basket!

Maybe ask Anna why she gave China a 99 year lease of an island, and the developer kicking the residents off and closing an Australian National Park......really? And why a 99 year lease on a port in Darwin..........maybe they can use that port in time to send that soldier!!!!

I won't be takIng this opportunity to thank China, but I will be condemning our governments of both persuasion for selling us out.

"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile--hoping it will eat him last"-----Winston Churchill.



Karen from Qld

As hard as it will be perhaps we should all ignore these pathetic attempts of China to attack Australia and treat them with the contempt they deserve. They are obviously being done to cause outrage and China is feeding on the controversy. The rest of the world knows that China is in no position to point the finger at any other country when it comes to human rights and transparency. All China has done is to highlight just how unprincipled they are

Up The Workers!

You know, if we could organise an amalgamation of Gladys's abortion policies and China's horizontal-jogging policies, we could really kick a goal here!


As long as Western coalition forces are in Afghanistan, China is confident that the problems/crimes in Afghanistan will not extend across the border into China.

Pakistan has already signed up with China's Belt & Road & borrowed billions$ from China - so Pakistan will do whatever China demands.

Sri Lanka Port is now owned by China - Belt & Road debt that Sri Lanka cannot repay.

Then there's the India-China border war in the snow-covered Himalayas.

China in Tasmania & Victoria-China Belt & Road(that's Southern Australia taken care of), Darwin Port, Keswick Island off the Great Barrier Reef/Mackay/Whitsunday (Northern Australia is another China foothold).

Michelle Two

You can sure tell who censors social media sites they have given a trigger warning and covered up a picture that has Santa Claus and Yeshua in his manger..with the verse on top that you can read..
It says this image may contain violence..


I remember an interview of a union leader some time ago, one thing he said stuck in my mind..

'Australia is seen overseas as an opencut mine surrounded by farmland and beaches"

Appears those would sell our assets and heritage to foreigners today think the same!!


Remember Louise you're engaging a commo schill here....!!

'Bob' or 'Low Ey Qew' whatever its title, showed his CCP membership earlier on!!


Frankly Ned, given their recent hypocrisy and arrogance, I suspect they don't give a ratz arz about the disaster the virus wrought!

If they treat their own people like shit they're not going to treat foreigners any better!!

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