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Dan Andrews seeks tenders to activate Victoria's "Deadly and Proud" Aborigines

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Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 10.48.54 am


Since 2016, the Victorian Government, in partnership with Aboriginal Victorians, has been leading the nation through its work toward a treaty or treaties with Aboriginal Victorians.For further details on the treaty process, refer to the Advancing the Victorian Treaty Process Annual Report and Plan 2019 – 2020 (  

In 2018, a Treaty Communications Strategy (Strategy) was launched to keep all Victorians informed of the key milestones on the path to treaty. The Strategy included multiple campaign phases to be completed in line with the key milestones in the treaty process.

Phase one and two are outlined in the Strategy as building connections and persuasive communications on treaty for all Victorians. This resulted in the successful campaign known as Deadly Questions . The Deadly Questions website provides a public space for Aboriginal Victorians to amplify their voices, tell stories, discuss history and how it affects their lives today, as well as to share the strength and vibrancy of their cultures, with the aim of building understanding between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

In 2021, DPC will launch phase three of the Strategy to be known as Deadly & Proud. Building on the success of Deadly Questions, Deadly & Proud aims to increase awareness and support of Victoria’s treaty process among all Victorians by engendering a sense of pride in Aboriginal Victorian cultures and Victoria’s path towards treaty. The campaign creative will feature Aboriginal storytellers and well-known Victorians to share stories of pride across the themes of ancient cultures, resilience, community and the path to treaty.

Clemenger BBDO were contracted to produce all Deadly & Proud campaign creative including all campaign videos, website production, still imagery, out of home adaptations and digital artwork. All campaign creative has been completed and delivered to DPC.

DPC is seeking an agency which has a suite of services that can meet the requirements for the design, production, implementation and management of an engaging activation. The activation can be transportable to multiple sites throughout Victoria or it can be an installation that can be built at various locations throughout the state.