Cash ban bill is gone - thanks Senator Malcolm Roberts
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Is late-term Gladys, the most green left Liberal Premier of them all?

Since winning the election off the back of the votes of conservative minded people in New South Wales - Gladys Berejiklian has advanced the following policies of the Green Left:
- Late term abortion - the most relaxed in Australia
- She forced NSW to become the first to introduce the most draconian laws that still limit freedoms. 
- Legislated to make it impossible for people in suburban areas to cut down trees near their homes because those trees could be Koala homes.
- Passed a renewable energy deal that taxes every household to fund green energy. Laws so bad that the Greens willfully voted in support of it. 
- and now ... the decriminalisation of drugs.
What is it with Liberals wanting to appeal to people who will never vote for them?