Dominion Voting Systems! Go ahead, make my day.
Vic Gov tender website changes Unified Security contract value from $30M - to just $1


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Liz of  Vic


I must say I always thought that this Mikakos was as incapable as all the others, but. She has guts speaking up.
I do not think she will be very popular,saying what she’did.

These I.e. the Premier have a lot of influence in certain places, they are very untrustworthy people.

I would be careful if I were in her place.


It's Pakula - it has to have been!

White Knight

Its not the fact that Private Security Companies were contracted for hotel quarantine, its that there was little to no training given to their employees in contradiction of workplace regulations.
This is where the media and public should be demanding answers and Dan Andrews scalp.

Liz of Vic

Of course it is!

Geoffrey of Perth

Mikakos only had the guts to speak out after she had the bucket tipped on her by Danny Boy. Prior to that, when she gave evidence to the commission, there was absolutely no suggestion that Danny had done anything wrong. But hell hath no fury after the proverbial hitting the fan and she started to warble like a magpie.

Got to hand it to Danny. Mikakos had finished the game and was down in the showers when the ship hit the sand. Mikakos had the chance in the Commission to tell the truth and now it just seems like sour grapes from her

[I know.

It's pretty to watch.



Class action lawyers will be out to win their cases so they will be onto all the evidence they can get


Agree. Nothing to respect with Mikakos at all.


Spot on. No sympathy from me.


It was also the nature of the industry--casualised workforce, likely to be working in lots of other places, so more chance for spread.


Indeed--if the inquiry found nothing, it's because those in the know 'remembered' nothing.


I agree the minister sang from the Andrews sheet at the so called "enquiry", but we don't know what pressures were on her from inside the "don't remember" set to respond as she did. She did resign, or was pushed, perhaps because of her knowledge of what was going on and that this information was not forthcoming as it should have been. Did honesty prevail?

Not on the Left

Andrews still MUST have known about it, being the absolute control freak he is.
The buck stops with him.

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