Biden & conspirators' Midas touch
Reassuring letter to my army mate Mick from Phillip Thompson OAM MP. Lest We Forget.

Suitability for expertise now defined by skin colour. Sorry Andrew, you've been cancelled.

This is Channel 10's senior journalist, Antoinette Lattouf, complete with Twitter's Blue Tick Seal of Approval.

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 10.59.43 am

Ms Lattouf is sick of white guys called Andrew getting work in The Media.

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 10.49.51 am

Ms Lattouf wants more work for Ahmets, Hussains and Muhammads.

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 10.48.29 am Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 10.48.43 am Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 10.49.00 am

However people of The Universe, for the love of French Fries, please don't expect Antoinette to support charity!

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 11.01.29 am


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Dennis Thompson

These people reveal their prejudice and ignorance by referring to: "Sandstone Universities".

Sydney is constructed on sandstone, tunnels through it, many sandstone buildings, park retaining walls including Harbour sea walls.

Idiots, time for a broom through universities regardless of construction materials used.


Oh crumbs, for a moment I thought (Dan) Andrews had been cancelled.

My bad.

Dennis Thompson

The British Empire colonised Australia 26 January 1788, New South Wales incorporating New Zealand not long afterwards was first.

The First Fleet sailed from Great Britain.

Were there any people named: "Ms Lattouf wants more work for Ahmets, Hussains and Muhammads." aboard those ships?

Our did migrants with those names arrive as the colonies developed and became a federation of states, Commonwealth of Australia?

Jobs should be given to the applicant best suited for the position.

robert griffiths

Don't flatter yourself Mrs. Lattouf people are only offering you what they think your worth! SFA


It occurs to me that all the folk in the above images are specialists in one way or another. They may well be good people with a wealth of information to offer...and all appear to be from some specific interest.

I'd like to see some people described like ' Bill Jones- Ordinary bloke and Grandfather'... 'Mary O'Connor- 55 years married with 4 kids'....

Everyday individuals who have a broad experience of life and understand the impact at street level of vested interest representatives such as those in the photos.

I commonly hear good common sense from everyday and I'd like their inputs more broadly heard.


OMG! How to send a society backwards. Most of the people shown above hold a belief system which is hundreds of years behind that of the modern world. Are we really going to punish ourselves with this nonsense?


Aren’t their ABC and SBS already catering for all immigrants? If not, we may as well defund them.


I see Antoinette Lafool's 'diversity' broadly encompasses goatshaggers and........

.....well.......just goatshaggers!!

Oi! MIZZ Lafool!! I got a speaking engagement for Pakistan...on the benefits transgenderism and homosexuality bring to Islam....and I'll PAY!!!


Does Lattouf also support sharia law? FGM? Stoning of rape accusers? Destruction of the west? Why are all these people she wants overrepresentation for, flocking to western nations and not to islamic nations?


MULTICULTURALISM ='s how to ruin a country in a short time.


How is that list of diverse people? It is a list of people who evidently all share the same ethnicity as the person promoting them. Which is probably what they accuse the rest of us of - choosing people who are like us.

Not on the Left

I am "sick" of foreigners and Muslims coming here and lecturing US!
Piss off back to where you came from, if you don't like the way things are done here, or if you badmouth Australia.

MikeT (WA)

What is her REAL problem with Australia - no one is MADE to come her nowadays and ALL are free to leave whenever they desire - It was only English convicts that were ever made to come - BUT THAT IS FACT and HISTORY, and not too many are keen to acknowledge this

Mustapha Bunn

Does anyone actually watch channel 10 these days?


What a mob of dropkicks !


What she presenting a lesson on how to send the media broke....i would not watch as their type of society...sharia....does not represent mine

Ned of Kellyville

And this is Federal Government policy!
People who have done zip for this country telling indigenous people (those born here) what to say and think.


I'm good with getting my news from Andrew, thanks.

Jeff of FNQ

I happened to watch In My View on Sky one Sunday evening when she was one of the panelists.

Talk about up herself.

A real pain in the arse.

seeker of truth

Antoinette reminds me of Tracey Spicer. They set up their own not-for-profit entity to get the publicity they are craving. It is all about self promotion and being the spokesperson. Lattouf was the co-founder of Media Diversity Australia.

Lattouf's Media Diversity Australia entity is registered with Australia's Charity Register, ACNC. From the 2019 Financial Statement lodged with the ACNC in February 2020, the money isn't rolling in for her cause.

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