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The $52K report on Left/Labor bias in the ABC's coverage of the 2019 Federal Election

Good on Senator James McGrath for staying on this issue - here he is in the Senate yesterday explaining how the ABC was forced into delivering this taxpayer funded report to the Senate.


The full report is below, along with Ita Buttrose's letter accompanying it.

Here are a few extracts:

In three of the five editions of The Drum, initial viewing and analysis suggested that there was a predominance of views which favoured Labor and/or the ideas and policies most often associated with the Left of politics.

Initial review of the four Insiders programs aired during the election period identified similar, but less serious concerns in two of the programs.There appeared to be a substantial shortfall in positive reflection of the Coalition’s prospects, policies or performance compared to Labor.

Content analysis of 51 items found that articles were four times as likely to reflect a negative assessment of the Coalition than to reflect a negative assessment of Labor.

Blackburn Report on bias in... by Michael Smith