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Pearl Harbour. 7 December 1941. A date that will live in infamy Japan. Lest We Forget.

Vale Victorian MP Lieutenant Hamilton Lamb, 2nd AIF - died 7 December 1943 as a Jap PoW on the Burma railway.


From our mate Geoffrey Gold
A memorial seat at Victoria's parliament house dedicated to Lieutenant Hamilton Lamb who died as a Japanese prisoner of war on the Burma Railway in 1943. He was still a Member of the state's Legislative Assembly, representing the electorate of Lowan for the Country Party. He was the only serving member of any Australian parliament - federal and state - to lose his life whilst on active service during WW2.
He signed up for the 2nd AIF in June 1940 and saw action against Vichy French forces in Syria. In early 1942, on the way home to Australia, his battalion and several other units were diverted to Batavia and ordered to defend Java against Japanese forces which had begun to move through the Dutch-controlled East Indies, now Indonesia. The Japanese landed on Java on 28 February and the Dutch surrendered on 8 March. The small Australian-UK and USA contingent was ordered to surrender the next day.
Officially listed as missing during the Victorian state election on 12 June 1943, he was re-elected unopposed. On 7 December 1943, Lamb died at the Japanese work camp 131 Kilo in Thailand, suffering from malaria, dysentery and malnutrition.
Lest We Forget