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Andrews/Labor/CFMEU government closes my old police station, Collingwood, Fitzroy gets the chop too.

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I spent a few years in Victoria Police at Collingwood and Port Melbourne police stations.   Here are two investigators I admired.

Brian "The Skull" Murphy was a feared detective at Richmond police station, next door to Collingwood.   I spoke to The Skull in 2009 when his book (with Adam Shand) was published.


Here's a video that will give you some idea about the men The Skull dealt with.


Rodney Keuris was my partner at Collingwood for some time.   In January 2009 Rod phoned in to 4BC after I'd created a bit of stir with comments about the Burkha.   Rod explained a little about the reality of armed robberies - Rod's specialty - as he explains in this interview.


Here's Rod at the Royal Melbourne Hospital after Normie Lee was shot and killed by police at Tullamarine, Rod's with his prisoner the co-offender Stephen Barci who was also shot by police at the Armguard job.

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This was the Herald Sun the day after the job - you can see Normie's .357 Magnum and mask on the ground.


Both Rod and The Skull dealt routinely with angry, crooked men.  

Victorian coppers who worked at Fitzroy or Collingwood got a great education in policing.

And the Collingwood, Clifton Hill, Fitzroy and surrounding communities got fantastic local community police.

It's criminal that those people will now lose their local police.


Like the Andrews/CFMEU/Labor government.