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Chinese troops trained in "battlefield English" to prepare for war against US and us.

Chinese soldiers in the disputed South China Sea are being taught “battlefield English” as part of their training for encounters with foreign forces.
The waters and its islets and shoals, which Beijing claims almost entirely despite international court rulings against it, are a potential flashpoint with the United States and western allies as well as with countries in the region that have competing claims.
“You are surrounded. Surrender,” a Chinese soldier yells in English in a training video shown on China Central Television, a state broadcaster. A phrasebook being given to soldiers contains phrases such as “Do not die for nothing”, “Lay down your arms or we’ll fire”, and “Swim to us, we can assure your safety”.
The television news anchor declared that basic proficiency in English has become a requirement for the People’s Liberation Army because of rising tensions in the region, which was blamed on foreign governments intent on provoking trouble.
At least six other countries have claims on the South China Sea. The US, keen to defend the right of free navigation in international waters, has challenged Beijing by sailing warships there. Britain has pledged to send one of its two new aircraft carriers to the region this year.
Liu Chuanming, a company commander, told state television: “We are on the front line in the combat against enemies. To improve our English is to ensure that we convey our intentions accurately and deliver our messages.”
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