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Sex education classes at school need to better represent the relationships and sex lives of average young people, according to Melbourne teenager Tamsin Griffiths.

"We need more information than just how to put condoms on bananas," she said.

"It's not all about babies and marriage anymore. [The curriculum] excludes topics like pleasure.

"One-night stands and casual sex are very common these days, but the [curriculum] reduced sex to its practical, reproductive function."

Tamsin — from Mount Martha on the Mornington Peninsula — carried out a survey of 500 students at different schools for a Grade 12 project last year and found many reported sex ed classes that were antiquated and out of date.

"[The survey indicated the curriculum] didn't represent the LGBTQI+ community appropriately," she said.

"When I look around my friendship group and within society, so many young people's experiences are just not represented in the curriculum.