Under pressure Andrews announces Royal Commission into Crown Casino - 800 people killed in hotel quarantine debacle, not so important.
Fmr Crown Prosecutor supports fmr Detective Sergeant's call in SHORTEN rape complaint

A Detective Sergeant's plea to Penny Wong over victim-shaming SHORTEN rape complainant

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Dear Senator Wong,
Premier Andrews' Victoria Police holds 1700 pages of evidence against Bill SHORTEN, evidence that it refuses to release to rape complainant Kathy Sherriff under Freedom of Information law because it would be too much work.
The public need to see that evidence and Kathy should be able to show it and tell it to the world.
You should be helping her to do that, but you're not.
You are victim-shaming her.
Kathy has never retreated from her complaint against SHORTEN.
There is evidence of early complaint, made to a trusted friend at the time of the offence, yet you've offered Kathy zero support.
Your failure speaks to your integrity.
You don't want to help victims when it doesn't suit your political cause.
You're a political stooge, Senator.
Or in the words of the street,  a grub.
Doubtful John
Detective Sergeant (Retired)
[Name and address known to this site's owner and supplied to Senator Wong]