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Australian 2020 deaths by all (doctor-certified) causes are below the 5 year average

Thanks to reader MudCrab for the tip.


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MudCrab said:

Well can't talk for the rest of the world, but here are the Australian figures


Summary? Deaths are down.

Now on the surface this looks like a Good Thing, but never forget that people die and people are expected to die. So, to put it bluntly, people who didn't die last year are still going to die.

The other observation is that even when the China Virus was - apparently - rampaging uncontrolled there is no real relation between China Virus deaths and total deaths.

Or, there were no EXCESS DEATHS.

Also, while I am being pragmatic and blunt, unless you are cashed up enough to self fund everything in your life, at some part of your life you are going to be a burden on the system.

Either you 'abuse' your body by smoking, drinking and slobbing and becoming a burden on the health system, or you live a long and healthy life and become a burden on the pension... before having your body finally start collapsing on your anyway and becoming a burden on the health system.

We can't beat 'Life'. The End is written with only the date stamp waiting to be filled. All we can do in life is live the best one we can while we can. Sure one might argue that it is no small burden to give up you liberties because you are being kept alive, but so were slaves.