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Bit more to Therapeutic Albanese's Malaysian Uber delivery driver friend than Albo told us about

Thanks to Seeker of Truth who writes:

There is a bit more to this Rosya story than what Albo is portraying............

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'Known to friends and family as Rosya, Wan Rosaizam Ahmad understands how dangerous it is to work as a delivery rider.

A 41-year-old Malaysian resident of Melbourne tells the moment She feared her life would end when an electric bike hit the door of a parked car and opened towards the bike path.

“I’m scared of my life, I’ve had general pain, and I’ve had repeated headaches ever since,” she told SBS News in Malay.

Rosya placed an order for Uber Eats at CBD in Melbourne in July. She remembers the people around her who were calling an ambulance when she came, but she didn’t want an ambulance. Instead, she called her sister who took her to the hospital where she was hospitalized overnight.

According to medical records, she had a concussion and abrasion on her right elbow.

Rosya joined the delivery platform full-time in March after house cleaning work was exhausted during the blockade of the coronavirus in Melbourne. After the accident, she contacted Uber Eats and said it took two days to get a response.

She was sent a billing form and paid $ 2,400 after Uber’s insurance company Chubb evaluated that her injury would temporarily invalidate her for 16 days.

However, she says she couldn’t get back to work for more than two months because of an injury, only because she had “no other choice”.

“I felt the rewards weren’t enough. I was expecting more from the business,” she says.

Rosya’s UberEats account was completely revoked in November after three orders, including delays and customer complaint issues. She says they happened because she was scared on the road and she had a hard time getting on fast.

“I can’t deny that the delivery was delayed, but since I was just out of the accident, I think I should have had some empathy and generosity.”

“I was very upset with the termination because it came with no proper notification or explanation,” Rosya says. “Uber is heartless. They have no compassion for us riders.”


Here's Seeker of Truth again:

Now if the driver opening his car door caused the accident then Rosya could have taken legal action. Plenty of Labor law firms could help her out. But she didn't so possibly the accident might have been her fault Uber's insurance company paid her compo of 16 days lost work probably based on her hospital discharge report. And if Uber treated her so badly, why did she return to work for them (in about about October), only to get the sack in November for being hopeless at her job?

It seems that Rosya (Wan) took out an ABN when she started to work for Uber so it shows the nature of the arrangement with the delivery platform.

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And Underminder who pointed to the same SBS story about Albo's Malaysian friend and says:

Albo, she rode her electric bike into the open car door of a parked car.

I liked society much better when you could write a cool song about such things. 'Australian Crawl - Indisposed (1980)