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Reader "Trebby" on the shooting of USAF veteran and patriot Ashli Babbitt.

Brave Jane Caro, Tracey Spicer & Louise Milligan courageously silent about left-wing posterboy Andrew O’Keefe.

Caro AOK

Brave Jane, Brace Tracey, Brave Louise all love to "call things out".

Remember when Brave Tracey called out all those mystery men whose
careers she was going to destroy for sexism?

Remember Brave Louise "calling out" all those naughty politicians who
may or may not have had affairs?

Who can ever forget Brave Jane's relentless to "call out" double
standards on sexism?

Where's their courage now?

Will these brave hypocrits call out the former Chairman of the White
Ribbon 'say no to violence against women' campaign Andrew O'Keefe ...
now charged with bashing his girlfriend?

Judicial fairness doesn't matter to this little gang.

Brave Tracey and Brave Jane both convicted Craig McLachlan years
before he had a chance to clear his name in court.

Brave Louise still stands by her discredited persecution of George Pell.

Or is "calling out" only done for people not in the lefty tribe?


TS and AOK