Vanity-driven boy minister Matt Kean confirms his Lefty cred with Craig Kelly pile-on
Taxpayer-funded salary-guaranteed Labor/CFMEU Premier Andrews on your sacrifices he's prepared to make.


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Now let’s see what Albo does .My monies on NOTHING......
Don’t hold your breath Emma. Remember Kathy Sherriff


Haha. The rub n tug of war.

seeker of truth

Last week Emma Husar spoke to ABC Perth Radio about the Brittany Higgins' allegations. Emma moved to Perth to start a new life.

She doesn't attack the Labor Party in this interview just Scott Morrison. She even refers to Turnbull and the Joyce affair. She is still bitter as to what happened to her with those false allegations that caused her to resign.


Well, I can hardly wait to see what Albo, Tanya and Benny do in reply to that open letter.

My guess will be a stony silence and a distraction manufactured to get the media away from the topic.


Don't forget Louise Milligan (ABC) is reporting
""The handful of Labor women who are also alleging privately to me that they have been victimised are also staying schtum. Their reasons include that they don't want to damage their side's chances at the next election."

What POS those women are, prepared to let more women be molested just because they want to protect "their side".!


Sorry, here Louise Milligan article again

Dennis Thompson

Glass Houses, stones.

Dennis Thompson

Heiner Affair.

Labor Queensland.


Just refresh my memory - who was State Governor of Queensland at the time? Who was the Chief of Staff to Wayne Goss at the time?


Emma will get crickets.


Jane Garrett knows what happens to women of the left who stand up against labor bullies like Peter Marshall of the fire fighters union. And look at who has gone from all those positions yet Peter Marshall is still UFU leader even after threatening to put an axe into Jane Garretts head. Jenny Mikakos knows too how the labor men deal with women.


Shreddergate -


It’s funny you should mention that. I’ve previously mentioned that I have been reading about ICAC and Gary Sturgess was the man responsible for its setup for Nick Greiner. According to this 2007 article he was a friend of KRudd.

I had wondered what the reason for the false allegations against Emma Husar was and Gary Sturgess also appeared in the following article. (The organisation he is involved with (ANZSOG) is a financial supporter of “The Conversation”.
As mentioned in the article Emma had sued Buzzfeed for defamation and the case was settled out of court.

Gary Sturgess was also very much against top British cop Peter Ryan taking control of NSW Police in 1996. Ryan was involved in the UK arrest of the murderers of “Mr Asia” Christopher Johnstone of NZ in 1979.

This is an extract from P4 in the book I’m currently reading, “Peter Ryan The Inside Story” by Sue Williams
A steady stream of overseas visitors also began casually dropping into his Bramshill police college to meet him, although many, Ryan suspected, had travelled halfway round the world purely to check him out. Among them was Gary Sturgess, a member of the police oversight group, the NSW Police Board, who said he was visiting the UK on business, and wanted to come by to say G’day. Ryan had him picked up from his hotel and showed him round. Over lunch, however, the battlelines were drawn. “He sat in my office and said he did not want me to be the Commissioner, he didn’t want a Pommie, and talked of his ancestors who’d been convicts shipped out to Australia in the early days. I knew I was in for trouble with him when I got to Australia.....” He could never, however, have imagined quite how much.


67 years old, and have never seen or heard of such things taking place, it's almost impossible for these things to take place in any organisation, drunk women walking home down dark lanes at night, yes. A dreadful, but avoidable, situation. Sorry but I reckon that 99% of these incidents occur when things don't go the woman's way. In other words the act was consensual (or didn't occur) but didn't lead to a ring. There is no wrath worse than a woman scorned (yes an atheist paraphrase).


Who was the State Governor of Queensland - Quentin Bryce. Who was the Chief of Staff to Wayne Goss - Kevin Rudd. When Rudd became PM, he appointed Quentin Bryce as Governor-General in Canberra.

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