Dear 'Older Australians', Is this right, or just more crap from Nine/Fairfax?
UK Police now targetting offensiveness - you can help by dobbing in people you think might be thinking wrong

From Lou the Melbourne cabbie - Tullamarine taxi feeder almost empty of cabs, still a 3.5 hour wait for a fare

Ilias (Lou) Bougias
This is Tullamarine Airport taxi rank at 9 this morning, normally the busiest morning of the week.
Today there are 2 files of taxis and the wait is 3.5 hours.
Normally there are 40+ files of taxis and the wait is no more than 70 mins.
Just another example of the Andrews/Labor/CMFEU government killing the state's economy.


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Disney Greta is pleased.


On a similar theme, if you check the vic health dept website, has most of Victoria realised yet that the state of emergency hasnt been lifted & is simply being reviewed at the end of each month?
HCQ, VitD & Zinc or similar protocols like that of nebulized Hydrogen peroxide & Lugols iodine with some azithromycin thrown in would have been so much cheaper without the need to ever mess with our DNA.
Interesting that Alan Hunt ( the member for a very high income postcode) is just like 5 years back with the taxpayer funded renewable free energy subsidies, is once again involved in a massive taxpayer funded scheme where logic has once again been side lined.
Totally serendipitous of course.


Sounds like everything is going to plan. Dan's CCP must be so proud of him.

Liz of Vic


Re the taxi's.

I did notice that during the last year, I have rarely seen a taxi, actually I did see one go past this morning, noticed it, as it is so unusual.

Of course this whole population is scared witless to get the Virus, therefore they would not use the taxi's, another business gone to the clappers.

Dan is good at that, see another line of business where no Unions are involved, not even the Transport Union.


This is beyond sad! How do they ever recover!


Unfortunately many will not.Whose to blame .Could it be DA


It is wrong on every level........lost businesses, homes, livelihoods through no fault of their own, not only a casualty of the virus, but government too.

But for the grace of God go I.........positively heartbreaking!

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