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Melbourne's Anzac Day march cancelled. 'Invasion Day' - no problem.


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The Anzac Day march in Melbourne’s CBD has been called off, and other commemorations will be scaled down dramatically.

RSL Victoria chief executive Jamie Twidale says parade will not go ahead due to COVID-19 concerns.

“With COVID the way it is, and the restrictions, and the difficulty in organising such a large public event, we just didn’t feel it was in the public’s best interest,” he said.

“We understand thought that a lot of veterans will be very disappointed, and commemoration will still happen.”

Dave, a veteran who tipped Neil Mitchell off to the cancellation, said he’s “angry”.

“They can have these Black Lives Matter marches … this year there will be no march in the CBD and the dawn service at the march will be a closed inner-sanctum activity!,” he said.

Karen, whose son is a veteran, says she’s “beyond angry” about the decision.

“I’m just incensed,” she said.

The dawn service at the Shrine of Remembrance will go ahead with “a limited number of attendees” and will be streamed live online.

There will be a ticketed public event on the forecourt of the Shrine of Remembrance.

Victorians are being asked to commemorate from home in their driveways.

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But this was all good.

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