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Murky Pyne

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Christopher Pyne’s lobbyist firm has been engaged by a private defence contractor that was awarded tens of millions of dollars of government work while he was defence minister.

Pyne, through his firm Pyne and Partners, began working in December for Elbit Systems of Australia, a major supplier of military technology to the Australian Defence Force.

Elbit won a series of contracts with defence while Pyne was defence minister between August 2018 and May 2019. An analysis of publicly-available tender data suggests the technology company was awarded about 20 contracts worth $98m during Pyne’s time as defence minister, including a lucrative contract to provide a new cyber range training platform to boost the ADF’s cyber capabilities, which was announced by Pyne publicly.

It also won work while Pyne was minister for defence industry, including in 2017 when he said Elbit would help work on a new $1.4bn battlefield command system for the army.