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Open letter to Senator Mehreen Faruqi from reader KB


Open Letter to Senator Mehreen Faruqi
Dear Senator Faruqi,
Regarding your question - "I’m wondering why Newscorp has on its payroll a person who promoted a conspiracy theory that ended up inspiring the Christchurch terrorist?"
I'm wondering why the Australian Senate has on its payroll a person who promotes an ideology that ended up inspiring these "Australian" terrorists:

- Raghe Mohamed Abdi shouted Allahu akbar before being shot by police after stabbing Maurice and Zoe Antill dead in Brisbane in 2020 

- Mert Ney shouted “Allahu Akbar, shoot me, I want to die” during a stabbing spree in Sydney CBD in 2019 

- Hassan Khalif Shire Ali shouted “Allahu akbar” while stabbing Sisto Malaspina to death in Bourke St in 2018  

- Momena Shoma shouted “Allahu akbar” while stabbing Roger Singaravelu in the neck in Mill Park in 2018 

- Saeed Noori shouted “Allahu akbar” while stabbing Antonis Crocaris to death in Melbourne in 2017 

- Ihsas Khan shouted “Allahu akbar, I want to die today” while stabbing Wayne Greenhalgh in Minto in 2016 

- Smail Ayad shouted “Allahu akbar” while stabbing Mia Ayliffe-Chung and Tom Jackson to death in Qld in 2016 

- Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar shouted “Allahu akbar” while slaughtering Curtis Cheng in Parramatta in 2015 

- Man Haron Monis wrote “Allahu akbar” before executing Tori Johnson in Sydney in 2014 



+ ELEVEN planned terror attacks thwarted by police in 2014-2016 alone, including the following: 

- "kidnap members of the public and behead them on camera and release the footage";  

- "detonate bombs at a Mother’s Day running event"; 

- "stab and shoot police and members of the public at Anzac Day ceremonies"; 

- "target government buildings including the Garden Island Navy base and Parramatta Court House"
Yours sincerely,