A few classic Al Gore movie predictions!
Coca-Cola gives employees training course on how NOT to be white


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Bikinis not Burkas

Missed by that much, no wait wait!

Bikinis not Burkas

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The manager of a refugee centre in the city of Pau, south-west France, was killed on Friday in an attack allegedly carried out by a Sudanese migrant.



Incompetent idiots! Sack them all! (from the comfort of my armchair).


That was well captured, albeit unintentional. Think can see debris in the air when back rotor hit the ship mast. Almost instant death. Would have loved to be in the nearby park to greet helicopter and take the piss.

Dennis Thompson

A gust of wind at the wrong moment is all it takes.


Evil things.



That will be a very expensive repair. Black Hawk rotor blades don't come cheap, and luckily it held together till they got it into a local park.


Oh I don't know about that........I think it was one hell of a piece of flying after a mishap.........the consequences could have been more dire........lucky he was able to land in a park and not Sydney Harbour!!

I'll add him to the list of pilots I want if we have a problem while flying.........Chesley Sullenberger at the top......maybe he would have been able to land on the Harbour!!!


I don't think the board of inquiry will agree with your sentiments, Louise. (In fact, I'd be willing to bet a very large sum that they won't.)

While the ultimate responsibility always rests upon the captain of the aircraft (in this case, the pilot), much of the responsibility for maintaining clearance in such situations is on the crewman, (the bloke down the back).

Everyone on board the helo - and quite possibly on the ship as well - should be VERY thankful that he really ***ed up badly and gave that mast a good hard hit rather than just a glancing blow. In hitting it full on, he destroyed the weighted tips of all four rotor blades, thus sort of re-establishing some semblance of balance in the rotor disc. if he'd just barely clipped one blade and removed the tip of one, two or three of the blades, the out of balance would have been horrendous and almost certainly would have made the aircraft uncontrollable.

The old saying that any landing you walk away from is a good one applies, and he did well to get the beast onto the ground in one piece, but I am pretty sure he won't be receiving any congratulations from his peers and superiors- and no one will be extolling his flying skills. Sullenberger Mark 2 he definitely is NOT.


And Sully got the 'beast' into the water just right.....this helicopter pilot got the chopper back to a park.......not equal I know, but!!!!

I'd like to see those on the board of enquiry do better.........in Sulley's case, they couldn't!

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