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ABC Leigh Sales tells $150 a head media lunch it's hard to be a woman in the media - the hair & toilet & big microphones

From The Australian


ABC anchor Leigh Sales has spoken candidly about the sexism she’s experienced as a woman in Australia.

At a Sydney Media Club lunch on Wednesday, the 7.30 host was asked to talk about her experiences as a woman making a successful career.

She said she felt as if there was a system in place that protected powerful men and often made women feel like they were the problem.

As an example, she said wireless microphones often used during public speaking engagements were designed for men’s clothes, and required a sturdy lapel, a heavy belt and a coat to cover it up.

“I’m always made to feel a little bit inconvenient,” she said.

There were other examples as well — such as being made to feel annoying for needing to use the toilet and being told her male counterpart never had that need; and male colleagues setting up windy filming locations suitable for men with short hair, but not women with long hair.

The $150-a-head lunch, held at an Italian restaurant in the eastern Sydney suburb of Rushcutters Bay, was hosted by Sydney Media Club, an organisation launched by the Kennedy Foundation last year.

Attendees were treated to wine, antipasto starters, a main choice of pappardelle duck ragu or veal parmigiana, and cannoli for dessert.