In control. Quintessential cool. If the engine blows up on my plane, I want these people running the show.
Tsunami siren warnings sound along New Zealand coast after major earthquake

Another attention seeking press gallery gender victim - Channel 10’s Tegan George.


Brave Tegan is such a warrior for the cause. 
She’s also ignorant. 
Women get a good hearing in Parliament and the National Capital. 
39 out of 76 Senators are women.
More than half. 
Perhaps there’s room to grow in the lower house  46 out of 151 Members of the House of Reps are women - roughly 30%.
That said, the Morrison government has more women in the Ministry than any other has. More than Kevin 07’s and certainly more than Gillard’s. Even the ABC’s fact checker unit agrees.
The Chief Justice of the High Court is an impressive woman.
3 of the 7 Justices of the Court are women. 
59% of the Commonwealth public service are women. Women have actually dominated the public service in terms of numbers since 1999. 
Women now outnumber men in the E1 senior Executive Level of the Public Service. 
Tegan talks about how much courage it takes to be heard in Canberra and blames gender issues for it. 
Perhaps she was just seeking equality with Peter Van Onselen in the “talking shit” category.
That’ll be a tough one to win. 
The hipster professor has a hell of a head start.