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Heartbreaking news as PNG's health system disintegrates - "People could die in hospital parking lot"

Thanks to the great friend of PNG Charlie Lynn.


'Our midwifery protocols stipulate that one midwife should not have more than four women in labour to care for; however now we find that we sometimes only have two midwives on duty for our labor ward of 30 beds – all of which are typically full at any one time.
'Doctors are now filling in to provide a significant part of the midwifery care, especially on the night shift, but three of our 20 doctors have also tested positive this month.
'My concern is that we will reach a point in the near future where we will have insufficient staff to keep the doors open.
'If we get to this point, what will happen to the more than 50 women who present for pregnancy care every day?
'Some may make it home again with their severe pre-eclampsia or life-threatening bleeding or to give birth, while others may end up dying in the hospital car park.'''