Great Aussie ad from when we used to value ENERGY
13 & 15 year old girls charged with murdering Uber Eats driver after carjacking


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Problem is the MSM for whatever reason are TOTALLY subservient to Labor and will report nothing.

Mark Needham

What royal inquiry, will you attend????

Chris Ottaway

Bill does it every time. And Kathy hits him with another dart!

robert griffiths

Well i am with the girl but confused how I can help. I'd rather pay 50 bucks to Kathy in the hope she rips into the bastards, It's about time our gimbaled compass got back on the level. If you go to war with these barstards kathy please dont think your nice by taking prisoners. Shorten has taken advantage of many more individuals such as you, all situations in there own way, - horrible.

Andrew Smith

Amazing yet true: VP Kamala Harris and Bill Clinton are combing together for a seminar on empowering women.

"Sometimes an idea is so tone-deaf you wonder — like someone in the Twitterverse did Wednesday — how the news didn’t come from The Onion."

More at


Kathys persistence says so much about he accusation


Well done Kathy, keep the pressure on, reckon old Bull Shitten will be asking how to block a follower in no time.

Up The Workers!

Very Magnanimous!

Bonking Bill volunteers to deliver himself a teeth-rattling knockout upper-cut to his own jaw, and then hand himself over to Deadly Dan's Labor Plod-Farce for a good head-stomping, a pepper-spray and a money-gouging.


Bravo Kathy, you go girl. Little did old Billy boy think that you would become his worst nightmare and justifiably so. Do not give up because you will have your day in court. I find it interesting how one female is being made into a poster girl for what happened to her and she looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth and yet you are being ignored by all and sundry. Do not give up Kathy and with Michael in your corner I hope that, that gives you hope to keep going together with all of Michael's supporters.


Well done Kathy.


It's called Karma Bill, and it's coming to get you.

Julie of Geelong

Good on you Kathy - keep fighting!!


Both Michael and Kathy never give up.

Up The Workers!

Free trips to 'Epsteins Island' and a starring role in an exclusive Lefty Harvey Weinberg 'production' for the successful applicants?

Just remember, if Bonking Billy breaks out the Belgian cigars, or makes any suggestion of employing a "human-humidor intern", Hillary doesn't like the smell of cigar smoke these days on her hubby, nor in the Ovary Orifice.

Lefties...they make "Ocrisy", "Hyp"!

Up The Workers!

If this "National Summit on Violence against Women" that Bonking Billy is bloviating about for the edification of his drooling fan club of A.L.P.B.C. toadies and presstitutes ever does take place, does anybody know whether Bonking Bill will be arguing the 'Pro', or the 'Anti' case?

His history suggests one thing and typically his words suggest the opposite.

Robert Balic

Enough rely on the media to think for them. The rest quickly forget. Anyone reminding people is a far-right fake news promoter.

Robert Balic

People seem to forget that this isn't about being sure that Shorten is guilty. There needs to be a court case, with appeals exhausted.

The issue is that a conservative would be convicted on a testimony not half as credible, with help from the ABC.

Robert Balic

"What a difference a decade makes to reporting claims against powerful men ...Kathy Sherriff didn’t know the woman who claimed she was raped by Christian Porter. She hasn’t read the details of her allegations or listened to the Attorney-General’s denials. But she believes her, “without a shadow of a doubt”.

Chip Le Grand

Chip Le Grand is The Age’s chief reporter. He writes about crime, sport and national affairs, with a particular focus on Melbourne.

That is the full headline and article. Is there any doubt that the SMH/Age does not car about the truth. Conservatives are the enemy and the enemy of my enemy is my friend.


Any reply from B S might include the words “ include me out “


Because their subservient to the soros 4th Reich and the billions that group brings.


Did Kathy ever get a reply from Penny W or Tanya P, when she sent them a letter about the alleged rape of her by Bill Shorten?


They’re all vying for the seat of chairman of Pravda when the communists eventually take over. Kind of like pigs at the trough, which is also like Animal farm.


Well Bill, when you feed the crocodiles long enough they’ll eventually come for you.

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