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Louise Milligan blocks victim of child sex-offender, the ABC Producer Jon Stephens


From Mick, God bless you mate:

The only people our ABC marginalise are the victims of ex-ABC producer Jon Stephens.

I made my statement to the NSW police and ACT police in 2015. My case bounced in and out of court 12 times over 3 years. Jon Stephens defence team declared him unfit for trial in May 2019. And was adjourned till May 2020. Further charges were laid in ACT and Jon Stephens was due in ACT Magistrate court - January 2020. He died weeks before. Unbeknown to the ABC - my case was relying on Tendency evidence. A public call-out would of helped me greatly to support my statement. The ABC failed me and other victims.

Jon Stephens without compunction or fear of reprisal sexually abused me from the age of 7 - 12. He charmed his way into my family and was adored by all. He was the wolf in sheep's clothing. As long as I remained silent, he was free to continue abusing other boys. This was one of the driving factors that started my legal proceedings.

The ABC have managed to avoid answering any questions with a social conscience surrounding Jon Stephens. Senator Abetz and Gerrard Henderson have tried over the past 5 years. They(ABC)conducted a one-year internal investigation which conveniently was summarised with one word - "inconclusive". There is no record of Jon Stephens name to be found on their search-engine; and last year paid out a victim in civil-court.

So, every time 'our' ABC harp-on about "victims should always be heard"..... it's simply not true!

I wrote to David Anderson, Paul Fletcher and Craig McMurtrie. No response.

I resorted to opening a twitter account and started asking ABC staff questions about paedophilia; again no response. Louise Milligan BLOCKED me. And now my account has been suspended.

I am furious with the ABC. They at the very least distanced themselves from me and made my legal journey very, very difficult. Hypocrites!

The idea of marginalising PAEDOPHILES is ridiculous. Reminding their staff at the ABC that PREDATORS have a social conscience. And to call them PAEDOPHILES might hurt their feelings?#$@!!! This goes beyond any sense of moral conscience!

I am deeply offended by those remarks!!

I want my money back!! I refuse to pay my levy to the ABC anymore!!