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NSW Police - Case Closed on latest Louise Milligan smear job. Neither family nor the victim wanted the matter disclosed.


Strike Force Wyndarra (Reports of an allegation of sexual violence) 
Tuesday, 02 March 2021 01:31:34 PM 

In November 2019, a woman then aged 48, attended an Adelaide (South Australia) police station seeking advice about reporting historical sexual offences, which allegedly occurred in 1988 in Sydney (New South Wales).

The matter was then referred to the NSW Police Force and an investigation by the Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Squad commenced under Strike Force Wyndarra.

NSW Police Force has been the lead agency in respect to this investigation since February 2020.

For various reasons, the woman did not detail her allegations in a formal statement to NSW Police.

The woman passed away in June 2020.

Following the woman’s death, NSW Police came into possession of a personal document purportedly made by the woman previously.

NSW Police have since sought legal advice in relation to these matters.

Based on information provided to NSW Police, there is insufficient admissible evidence to proceed.

As such, NSW Police Force has determined the matter is now closed.