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Jeremy Cordeaux sacked for saying Brittany Higgins was a silly girl who got drunk

Such things as will amaze you.


Veteran radio presenter Jeremy Cordeaux sacked for calling Brittany Higgins a ‘silly little girl who got drunk’

A veteran Adelaide radio presenter has been sacked 24 hours after he labelled Brittany Higgins a “silly little girl who got drunk”.

FIVEaa’s Jeremy Cordeaux caused controversy after he criticised Higgins during his Sunday morning breakfast show on FIVEaa.

“This Ms Higgins, Ms Higgins has been called a lightning rod and she’s been given an awful lot of power,” he said on air.

“Whether it’s been given to her by society, the media or a handful of journalists who feel they sway public opinion I don’t know but I just ask myself why the prime minister doesn’t call it out for what it is.

“A silly little girl who got drunk.”

The 75-year-old radio presenter also criticised the security guards who allowed Higgins into Parliament House in Canberra on the night she was allegedly raped by a fellow staffer.

“Security you know should have never let these two into the Minister’s office at 2 o’clock in the morning,” he said.

“Can you imagine security taking someone who was drunk, so drunk I think the young lady said during the week on television she couldn’t get shoes on.

“What are they running there I wonder?”

He went on to say the Prime Minister was “monstered” by Nine Entertaiment’s A Current Affair, when host Tracy Grimshaw grilled Scott Morrison over the ongoing issues that have rocked parliament in recent weeks.

Cordeaux also questioned if Higgins had been raped why the perpetrator hadn’t been arrested.

On air on Monday morning FIVEaa presenter David Penberthy delivered an apology.

“Without reservation whatsoever, FIVEaa and NOVA Entertainment sincerely apologise to Brittany Higgins for the comments made by Jeremy Cordeaux on FIVEaa’s weekend breakfast show on Saturday morning,” he said.

“We acknowledge that the comments were completely inappropriate and offensive.

“The views expressed by Mr Cordeaux do not reflect those held by FIVEaa and NOVA Entertainment, and we unequivocally withdraw them.”

He went on to announce that Cordeaux’s employment had been terminated.

“On behalf of all of us at FIVEaa and NOVA Entertainment, we apologise unreservedly to Ms Higgins,” Penberthy said.

Southern Cross Austereo latest company to discover how unpopular Steve Price is.

From Nick Tabakoff in The Australian today.

Shock jock Price takes on 2GB, 3AW

After Alan Jones’ departure last year, a new competitor from an unexpected quarter has emerged in conservative talk radio.

Nearly a year after Alan Jones announced his retirement from Nine’s radio operations, a surprise new right-leaning talk rival to ratings powerhouses 2GB and 3AW is about to be unveiled.

Steve Price.Steve Price.

Diary has got wind of the venture, and can reveal the new competitor for Nine Radio will be spearheaded by former 2GB/3AW shock jock, The Project’s Steve Price — whose return to breakfast radio will see him go head-to-head with former colleagues and ratings leaders Ben Fordham and Ross Stevenson.

We’re told the venture will be announced as early as this week, with Price’s national show to air from about 7am to 10am.

And who is bankrolling the new venture? In another surprise, it’s national music radio group Southern Cross Austereo, owner of the Triple M and Hit networks.

Why does Austereo want to get into talk radio? Because it senses a void in the area of conservative opinion on radio, after Jones’s departure to Sky. Austereo has long dabbled in the area, with talk radio experiments like Triple M’s Hot Breakfast with Eddie McGuire and Luke Darcy, which ended last year.

Making the rivalry with 3AW more delicious is that Diary is also hearing talk that Stevenson’s former radio co-pilot, John Burns, could become a guest player in Price’s new program in some form — potentially putting him head-to-head with Stevenson and his new co-pilot, Gruen’s Russel Howcroft.

It’s still unclear if the new show is part of a broader talk line-up. But Diary understands that in a bold experiment, it won’t be aired on conventional radio — instead being livestreamed through Austereo’s radio and podcasting app, LiSTNR.

Once the show is aired at breakfast, it will then be cut-up into segments for the podcasting section of the LiSTNR app, which last year replaced Austereo’s former PodcastOne network.

We hear Austereo chiefs believe that with Nine returning to local content for most of its radio shows, there is a “great hunger” for national opinion. They also see digital livestreaming as the future of radio.