Please, can anyone in our institutions, politics or media answer this question? #WhyTheContemptForKathy
Two-faced Albanese on Porter (no complaint, no complainant) but not Shorten (very real complainant).

Reader Beam Me Up really really gets Mal 'n' Lou

There's that tilty-headed, half-coy, all-knowing, up-from-under look.
Same one Turnbull has.
Just like the Senator for Sea Patrol.
And sooooo smug with it.
This very public mess demonstrates the utter callousness of the media hyenas.
The family of the deceased woman specifically asked for there to be NO publicity around her, her death, or these old allegations.
Yet - there they go, full putrid, stinking steam ahead, trampling over any shred of decency they may have had about themselves.
Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 12.40.55 pm