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Unions thugs run Labor. Jodi McKay backs down real fast in fight versus Union

Ten days ago, NSW Labor Leader Jodi McKay accused Union leaders of ‘coward-punching her from behind’ when they leaked private polling into how hopeless she is.

The Australian Workers Union polling showed NSW Labor’s primary vote had dropped to 23.9 per cent – lower than Kristina Kenneally historically bad landslide loss of 2011.

McKay was so outraged about the polling tactic, she even played the gender card telling the Herald that she was “furious that she and her team had been attacked by this group of men”.

But today, she’s kissing their arse.

In Labor, union thugs really do still run the show.

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Today I met with the AWU National Secretary, Daniel Walton.

Daniel and I have a robust relationship. We don’t agree on everything, but we certainly share a passion for the Labor Party. We both want the Party to succeed.

Daniel and I have resolved to leave recent tensions in the past. I believe Daniel is a person of integrity who is committed to the interests of his members, the good governance of his union, and the promotion of women.

In the heat of political life, we all sometimes say things that could be better phrased. 

I look forward to working in a collegial manner with Daniel to achieve the Labor Government the people of NSW expect and deserve.

FRIDAY, 26 MARCH 2021