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Victoria's police minister Lisa Neville snapped on the grog on Queensland holiday 3 weeks after she went off sick

Not a good look.


Police Minister Lisa Neville has been snapped in Port Douglas as she recuperates from a chronic health condition.

Less than three weeks after she temporarily stepped aside as the head of Victoria’s suspended hotel quarantine program, Ms Neville was seen at Zinc restaurant in the northern Queensland resort town.

Ms Neville is travelling with fellow MP and good friend Harriet Shing, who is understood to be providing moral support.

She was discharged from hospital last week after a fortnight stay and has been ordered off work until May to avoid serious complications in her battle with Crohn’s disease.

Doctors had warned that without a period of leave, Ms Neville faced the prospect of major bowel surgery and risked long-term consequences including to the quality and length of her life. The decision to escape interstate has raised questions about whether the minister should have instead taken a break locally.


Here's her announcement just 3 weeks ago.

210220 - Statement From Lisa Neville

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