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We reported on this story 5 days ago, before all the fuss!

What happened to smashing a champagne bottle?

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ABC News’ original social media video about the Royal Australian Navy’s launch event for HMAS Supply on the weekend featured a performance by dance group 101 Doll Squadron that included cut-away shots showing Governor-General David Hurley, the Chief of Navy and the Chief of Defence observing the performance.

This was incorrect. While the Chief of Defence was present, the Governor-General and the Chief of Navy in fact arrived after the performance.

Our reporting team initially believed they were present both because they were shown in footage of the event and because a Government MP had said that they were present.

The video should not have been edited in that way and the ABC apologises to the Governor-General and the Chief of Navy, and to viewers, for this error.

After the Defence Department confirmed the Governor-General and Chief of Navy had arrived at the event after the performance, the reporting was amended. The report that went to air on the 7pm News bulletin on Wednesday night did not include the footage. The online story has also been updated to make this clear.

The ABC’s footage of the dance performance was shot in a standard manner,  from the same position as other parts of the ceremony.

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