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Communist China's foreign ministry - "Australia is sick and needs to take medicine"

China answers Dutton on Taiwan - "China must and will be reunified - we will never leave any space for 'Taiwan independence'"

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AFP: Australia's defence minister said a conflict with China over Taiwan should not be discounted. He said that China has been very clear about reunification. But he also added that Australia wants to continue as a good neighbor. Does the foreign ministry have any comment on this issue?

Wang Wenbin: I have noticed relevant reports. I would like to emphasize that abiding by the one-China principle is an important part of China-Australia relations. Taiwan is an integral part of China's territory. The Taiwan question is China's internal affair that bears on China's core interests, and brooks no external interference. We can trace the roots of the current tension in cross-strait relations to the fact that the Taiwan DPP authorities refuse to recognize the 1992 Consensus embodying the one-China principle, and constantly make provocations in pursuit of "independence" in collusion with external forces. China must and will be reunified. We are willing to do our best to strive for the prospect of peaceful reunification, but we will never leave any space for "Taiwan independence" separatist activities in any form. It is hoped that the Australian side will fully recognize that the Taiwan question is highly sensitive, abide by the one-China principle, be prudent in its words and deeds, avoid sending any wrong signals to the "Taiwan independence" separatist forces, and act in ways beneficial to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and conducive to China-Australian relations.

SCMP: The Australian defence minister, when asked in an earlier interview whether he accepts the lease on the Port of Darwin, said that if it is found to be not in Australia's national interest, he believes the government will act. I wonder if China has any response to that?

Wang Wenbin: China-Australia cooperation in economy, trade and investment are mutually-beneficial in nature. The Chinese government encourages Chinese companies to conduct investment cooperation overseas on the basis of market principle, international rules and host country laws. We will also firmly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese businesses investing and operating overseas. We hope the Australian side will look at bilateral cooperation in an objective and rational light and stop disrupting normal exchange and cooperation with China.