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Citizen journalist Bill Thompson on Louise Milligan - the entitled, shameless queue-jumper

Bill's story is in response to Louise's publication here:

Louise Milligan with another ‘I’m a victim’ story. Did it happen or did she make this one up too?

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Hypocrite alert!

Re Louise Milligan’s recent tweets about queue-jumping…

Louise & I go WAY BACK!

On 26 July 2017, I arrived early at the Melb Magistrates Court for George Pell’s first appearance, in the process that would later see him jailed, before being acquitted by the High Court.

After lining up that day & passing through security, to enter the building, I was standing in line, again, to enter Ct 2 for the hearing, when a clerk came along the line, counting heads & said that only 40 could enter & be seated & 4 or 5 more could enter & stand. I was #42, as I recall.

As I waited, who should arrive - about 15-20 behind me in the line – but Louise Milligan? The clerk later came along the line, advising those behind me that the overflow would be accommodated in a room, elsewhere in the building, with video/audio coverage of the proceedings.

Apparently that wasn’t good enough for Louise, as she nonchalantly strolled along the line, past me & stopped to chat with folks about 15-20 ahead of me. When the doors were opened, she simply strolled in with the other early-arrivals, leaving someone ahead of me to stand, who would otherwise have been able to sit & someone behind me to MISS OUT ON ENTRY, ALTOGETHER!

I was going to tweet Louise a shortened version if this, today, but when I tried, I found that she has BLOCKED ME! Maybe it has something to do with her other example of hypocrisy, which I called her out on, that very same day in 2017:


I call ‘em as I see ‘em & I’m calling Milligan a slimey hypocrite! Too bad I can’t tell her to her (Twitter) face! Maybe some MSN followers could copy, paste & forward to her?


Bill T