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Communist China's foreign ministry - "Australia is sick and needs to take medicine"

Ominous pronouncement from Communist China's official newspaper

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China is not responsible for the current difficulties facing China-Australia relations. It is the Australian side that torn up the cooperation agreement between China and Australia, sabotaging normal exchanges and cooperation between the two countries, China's Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday. 

The difficulties faced by China-Australia relations are rooted in Australia's interference into China's internal affairs, its inflicting damages on China's interests, and it trade discrimination against China, said Wang Wenbin, a spokesperson from China's Foreign Ministry.

Wang noted that the Australia has described China as an "authoritarian" country, and had taken the lead in prohibiting Chinese enterprises from participating in Australia's 5G network rollout on groundless reasons and repeatedly blocking Chinese enterprises to invest in Australia under the guise of its "national security".

"Australia is sick, however it is asking others to take medicine, which will not solve the problem at all," Wang said.

It is hoped that that Australia will treat China's development in an objective and rational way and contribute to mutual trust and promoting pragmatic cooperation between the two countries, he added.

Global Times