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ABC applied-gender-balance

How the ABC 'News' cooks up artificial gender-balance, while ignoring editorial-balance.

If you’d like to waste half a day, have a read through these 33 pages of self congratulatory bullshit from the ABC.

They have an entire unit of staff who quite seriously count the number of men and women who appear in TV, radio and internet articles - aiming for 50:50.

It’s no longer about what you say or how relevant you are - it’s about gender.

ABC staff (mostly the men) get a kick up the behind if they don’t gender balance - but of course, there’s no penalty for editorial imbalance.

So here’s the trick and how they cook up a fix to “the problem”.

If there’s a story about a crime and only male police officers and witnesses - dimwit news managers at the ABC order staff to go get meaningless vox pops from people to “gender balance the story”.

Or they’ll have a list of irrelevant academics to interview - just in case ...always women of course.

Meanwhile the ABC had the lowest rating TV news of the big TV outfits just about every night.

Ultimate tokenism.

Sticking women in - just for the sake of it.

This is taxpayer TV under the watch of Ita Buttrose and virtue signalling so-called executives like Gaven Morris and John Lyons - both are an in-house laughing stock.

And you’re paying for this crap.

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